Snow festivals in Japan

It's February - coldest month in Japan and it's time for snow festivals. Though Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido is the most famous one for it's grandeur, other cities/towns also celebrate snow festivals to some levels. I live in Fukushima prefecture where it's cold and ample snow for snow festivals. Few small towns celebrate these... Continue Reading →

Snow monsters at Zao

Yeah, you read it right.... Snow monsters. Big oddly figured snow structures which looks like monsters, some look like nuns wearing a big flowy white robe, some even holding a baby, at some place a serious discussion is going on between few monsters and rest is upto your imagination. Combination of few conditions like wind,... Continue Reading →

Digital Art Museum, Tokyo

Barren land changing to full bloomed flower field in few minutes, a waterfall which you can enjoy without getting wet, insects changing to flowers when you touch them, infinite lights changing colors in sync, continuous ocean waves without any sound, a city which you can design/modify as you want..... Sounds strange? This and much more... Continue Reading →

Autumn in Japan

It's been a while since I wrote last post. Last few weeks were busy - weekends specially. So, I didn't get much time to write. Today I got some free time. I'm sharing stories of last few trips here. It's been cold for last few days and it's getting colder day by day here in... Continue Reading →

Noto Peninsula Cycling Trip – II

Continuing from Noto Peninsula Cycling Trip - I14 AugustSince I had changed plan to goto Anamizu instead of Noto, I would have missed one spot - Shiroyone Senmaida. How could I miss one of the main attraction of the region? It was around 10 km from Wajima. To visit it, I would have to cycle... Continue Reading →

Noto Peninsula Cycling Trip – I

Another weeklong holiday is here - Obon holiday and I have packed my bags. This time it's Noto peninsula, north of Nagano, on the shore of sea of Japan. This area is mostly untouched by urbanization and preserve old Japanese culture. I also wanted to try something new in this trip. As this area is... Continue Reading →

Trek to Mt. Fuji and visiting Japan’s infamous forest – Suicide forest

      On recent long weekend (14-16 July), I finally went to Mt.Fuji for trekking. Trek to Fuji usually takes 2 days (leaving from my home to return back). So, I had one at my hand. While looking for places to visit around Fuji, Aokigahara forest was one of them and mostly on top.... Continue Reading →

Catching flowing noodles – Nagashi Soumen

Last weekend, we had a chance to attend an interesting event called Nagashi Soumen. 'Nagashi' means flowing and 'Soumen' is a type of Japanese noodles. So, noodles are kept flowing through channels made of half cut bamboos and participants catch these noodles with chopsticks and eat them dipping in tsuyu.      We came to... Continue Reading →

Cycling to Inawashiro

Weather in Japan is perfect now. Not much hot (around 28 degrees) during day time and not much cold (around 10 degrees) at night. Cool winds flow at down and dusk. It's cloudy sometimes, so not much sunshine to give sunburn and it's good for travelling. But as I have mentioned in previous posts, travelling... Continue Reading →

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